curriculum features】  【club features】  【activity features

【curriculum features】

    Apart from the regular classeswe also formulate several camps as the extension of the classes to let the students have the complete and lively curriculum. So far we have English camp, science camp, gifted math camp, and community life camp.

 English camp

English play

 science camp

students practicing in science camp

 gifted math camp

 gifted math camp regular tests

community life camp

group consultation in community life camp


【club features】

    In school, we have a variety of clubs for students to choose from. Some of the clubs represented school to take part in a lot of competitions and did terrific jobs. So far we have wind band club, archery club, track and field club, table tennis club, bowling club, tae kwon do club, poem recitation club, reading club, film-watching club, life growth club, board games club, ballroom dance club, self-discovery club, fun math club, writing club, computer-drifting club, life education club, puzzle club, Hakka club and so on.

wind band club

the wind band representing the school in the contest

the archery during practice

the archery team representing the school in the contest

table tennis club

the table tennis team during practice

the track and field team

the track and field team

tae kwon do club

The poem recitation club representing the school in the contest


【activity features】

    Each year in school we hold the school carnival, sports day, English song singing contest, school anthem singing contest, rope-jumping game, flute contest, jogging game, tug-of-war, badminton game, basketball game, and karaoke contest, etc.

school carnival

school carnival

flute contest

rope-jumping game


sports day

teachers’ show

karaoke contest